The Last Bastion of Ingei: Day 1

Fantasy Supernatural Thriller from Borneo

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Meet Aammton Alias

Dr Aammton Alias is not your regular family physician. A wildly passionate nonconformist idealist, his approach to confronting and solving life’s many problems is unorthodox but highly effective.

Never afraid to speak his mind or tackle politically sensitive or widely unpopular conflicts and causes, Aammton has involved himself in many lost causes ranging from disparaged and disadvantaged patients, anti-poaching movement, protecting endangered wildlife etc.

He believes that his instinctive nature to defy and challenge authority is directly related to his Irish-Scottish heritage.

These days, his unique approach to life can be summed up by the story of Alexander the Great and the cutting of Gordian Knot. And having spent time in the Scouts, he lives by the phrase: "Chance Favours the Prepared Mind" *Louis Pasteur.

If you ever meet him, the first thing Aammton would do is to convince you to have coffee with him, brewed using his Aeropress coffee maker and exotic South American beans. Then he would proceed to tell you the history and journey of the coffee beans at hand. 

Aammton is a frequent guest speaker at author seminars having been traditionally and self published published. He has written seven non-fiction books, and is currently working on the fourth book in his supernatural fantasy thriller novel series called, The Last Bastion of Ingei.

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